Beauty Backed Trust Bootcamp to Help the Beauty Industry Return to Work
March 29, 2021

The beauty industry has faced an incredibly difficult year due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. Support from the government has been minimal, its response lacking both resources and respect. To help those struggling in the industry, Caroline Hirons, globally qualified aesthetician and bestselling author, stepped in and announced The Beauty Backed Trust's "Back to Work" campaign.

The beauty industry contributes £28 billion to the UK economy with 88 percent of the beauty workforce being women — many of whom are the sole providers for their families. With limited support from the government, many of these women have run out of cash reserves and are in debt trying to keep their businesses going with the aims of reopening after lockdown.

After seeing how much individuals in the industry were struggling, Hirons immediately decided that she wanted to help. Along with the help of her industry colleagues and friends, Hirons set up Beauty Backed in August 2020, which helped fundraise £600,000 for those who were unable to pay bills due to lack of government help. Now, in March 2021, Beauty Backed has officially been given Trust status and launched its "Back to Work" campaign.

Along with the campaign, Beauty Backed also announced its board of trustees, including Caroline Hirons as founder, Alexandra Forbes (group director for Caroline Hirons Limited and Skin Rocks), Dija Ayodele (aesthetician, owner of West Room Aesthetics, and founder of Black Skin Directory), Lesley Blair Chair (CEO of BABTAC, British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology), and Lisa Potter-Dixon (makeup artist), as well as 20 industry experts within beauty. This powerhouse group of experts are holding workshops to support individuals in all areas of business preparing for reopening in April. A full list of the Back to Work Bootcamp workshops can be found here.

Back to Work Bootcamp included the following workshops, replays now avaiiable to watch:

Back to work - the current guidance

Communication and relationships

Elevating your business through digital

Financial recovery and understanding data

Prepping for your return - freelance

Prepping for your return - salon owners

Rebuilding your confidence

What would Beyonce do?



Lesley Blair

Lesley Blair

This week, we chat to Trustee Lesley Blair and get her to answer our favourite 10 questions

Caroline Hirons reveals a limited edition initiative in support of Beauty Backed Trust

Caroline Hirons reveals a limited edition initiative in support of Beauty Backed Trust

Join Caroline Hirons and Beauty Backed Trustees Dija Ayodele and Lesley Blair for a special virtual event at 5pm GMT on Thursday 20th January, hosted by Sonia Haria.

Hair and beauty salons among businesses with highest cancellations

Hair and beauty salons among businesses with highest cancellations

Hair and beauty is part of the sector with the highest number of cancellations from customers in December due to the spread of the coronavirus Omicron variant

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