Dija Ayodele

Dija Ayodele

Dija Ayodele is an aesthetician and founder of Black Skin Directory, an award-winning platform which helps connect black people with skin experts and brands. Dija is passionate about the beauty industry because of the confidence and joy it brings to so many people. She firmly believes those who work on beauty are excellent business people and entrepreneurs who deserve more recognition for their contribution to the UK economy. Dija cares deeply about the future of the industry and sees being a Beauty Backed trustee as an opportunity to give back, after receiving support from others it’s now her turn to support others. Dija is excited to be part of an incredible team who will work together to improve the experience of all the people who make the industry tick and believes they will be able to bring about meaningful change.


Dija Ayodele

Financial recovery and understanding data

Where does your money reside? Your business income may have taken a dive over the past year so proper planning is necessary for your finical recovery. This session will cover all you need to know to secure the financial future of your business.

Rebuilding your confidence

COVID-19 has knocked more than business continuity, it’s also dented our get-up-and-go. In this session we will give you the tools to rebuild your confidence and find your return to work mojo.

Communication and relationships

From customers to clients, relationships are the foundation of your business. This session is all about effective networking, communication techniques and how to build relationships that last!

Elevating your business through digital

There’s no escaping it, online is going to play a big role in how we conduct business going forward so don’t get left behind. In this session, we discuss how to establish your digital footprint and choosing the best tools for your business.

Team Building

Has your team been shattered and scattered during lockdown? Are you looking for tips on how to build a strong team? The strength of your business will depend on your team, so this session will cover all your bonding basics.

What would Beyonce do?

We sometimes find it hard to shout about our achievements, but how will you drive your business if no-one knows how great you are? The Beauty Backed Trustees are dropping gems to help you blow your horn for maximum effect.