How to choose the right treatments for your clients
October 19, 2022

It can be hard to choose which treatments to offer in your beauty business – there’s lots of elements to consider.  How much will it cost me in training to offer this treatment? Would offering a certain treatment bring in a new client base? Is a new treatment what my clients want, or are the treatments I currently offer catering to all their needs?

If one thing is for certain, it’s that your treatment menu and brands need to be reflective of two things: you and your clients.

Here’s how to choose the right treatments for your clients when visiting PB North.

Look at what you’re already offering

Look at your current treatment offering and bookings – see what’s bringing clients in, and which treatments are proving less popular.

If your skin treatments are bringing in booking after booking, but manicures seem to be few and far between, it indicates that your clients see skin as your specialty and that could be an area to expand in.

Alternatively, if one of your team has great training and experience in an area you currently don’t offer, speak to them about whether they think that area is something you’re missing in your business, and think about whether it’s an area you could add.

Here’s our guide to updating your treatment menu.

Compare yourself to other businesses in your area

When you look at your competitors’ treatments offers there’s three things to bear in mind: what are they offering that I don’t, what am I offering that they don’t, and what do none of us offer?

Look at what you’re offering that no one else in your area is, and make sure you advertise that as an exclusive in your area. Potential clients in your area may not realise that they can get treatments they’ve been travelling further afield for on their doorstep.

If a competitor is using a lot of technology in their treatments, whereas you have more traditional treatments, ask if technology and devices are something you can add in. It doesn’t mean you have to turn your entire treatment menu into one that’s tech-led – it can be as easy as having one device which acts as an add on to your existing offering.

If tech isn’t for you, use it as your USP and market what you offer as traditional, skill-based treatments.

If there’s an area that no one in your area currently offers, such as laser hair removal or body contouring treatments, PB North could be the perfect opportunity to meet with brands that can help you expand your offering into these areas.

Ask your clients

At the end of the day the thing that makes your business successful is the clients coming through the doors – so why not ask them directly which treatments they like, and what they want to see you offer.

Talk to them after a treatment or use social media to ask them the treatments they have elsewhere which you could offer in-house. This will help build up your relationship with your clients as well, as they will feel like you value your opinion and listening to their needs.

Ask the brands

Don’t be afraid to ask brands about what they could bring to your business – whether it’s a brand that’s been on your radar for a while or one you’ve never encountered before PB North, sit down, and get to know what they offer and how it could expand your business.

Make sure you shop the market – you may think a certain brand would be the right fit for your business, but another may offer something more in line with your current offering.

Talk to them about which devices or treatments have helped their current clients’ grow and ask for information and stats about how it can help you to grow based off their own case studies. At the end of the day, brands want to have a presence in your business.

If you’re thinking of taking on a new brand at PB North, check out our tips here.

It’s not just new brands you should be asking about this. A brand you’ve worked with for years may have a new and exciting launch coming up which could be easily added on to your current offering – if you get in early enough you could even be one of the first beauty businesses to offer their newest innovation!

This article was written by Lollie Hancock and originally featured here



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