How to build an online following for your beauty business
July 22, 2022

The team at NHBF shares why they think beauty businesses can benefit from creating an online following and offers advice on how to get started.

Our online presence has become an increasingly important aspect of our lives. More people use it for socialising, buying, banking, and surfing as social media platforms weave in and out of people’s lives daily. Whether you have one follower or millions, there has never been a better moment to start an online community for your salon.

User-generated content

Clients that follow your social media channels contribute some of the best content. You can advertise and shout as loudly as you want to have the best therapist in town, but having a delighted client post about how much they enjoyed their experience in your salon will have the most significant impact.

Posting a lot of user-generated material is the best method to encourage it. People will interact with your content more if you supply more of it. Clients will be more inclined to follow suit and be eager to see themselves on your page if they see you sharing photos that other clients have tagged you in. Instagram is a fantastic tool for salons because it is a visual platform well suited to our industry.

Many businesses are already creating “selfie corners” in their venues, specifically for social media purposes. Install a rose wall in front of a lovely couch with your brand in the background to entice clients to take selfies.

Social FAQs

Respond to frequently asked client queries on social media, such as the best tips to take off make-up, to create meaningful social content. Sharing tutorials and guidance shows your knowledge and expertise, building trust and ensuring prospective clients seek your advice.

Diversify content

Social media platforms include a variety of features that can help you deliver material in various ways. Change what you post and where you post it to enhance reach and engagement. Let’s say you see that certain posts on your Instagram feed get very little engagement, but a reel or video of you giving advice receives a lot more. In that instance, you’ll get a sense of what people enjoy watching and what content they’re more inclined to remark on and share.

Convert followers

The best and most successful brand social media accounts have supporters passionate about the content and the business and actively share it with their networks. Try to convert your social media followers into brand advocates – this is done by creating valuable content.

For example, you could create a video with your top ten tips for applying foundation. Your followers will find this helpful information and be encouraged to share it with their community. If the brand advocate is a client, they would likely be local to your area, building you a local online following.

This article was originally featured here and contains sponsored content in collaboration with NHBF.



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