Good Wash Day x Beauty Backed
May 25, 2023

When Karen from Good Wash Day asked Caroline if she would would like to collaborate on a Beauty Backed hair towel, she knew it was a no brainer.

From trying Good Wash Day hair towels, Caroline loved them. "Don't be fooled by the perceived simplicity, these organic, super-lightweight hair towels are the best ones that I have ever tried on my hair. Suitable for all hair types, and appropriate for people experiencing hair loss, I will now never be without one" - Caroline Hirons.

The Good Wash Day x Beauty Backed hair towels are available for £30, with £5* from every towel being donated to Beauty Backed. They are available for a limited time only. You can buy yours here

About Beauty Backed

The Beauty Backed fundraising initiative began in 2020 to support the independent businesses and entrepreneurs in the beauty industry who were directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the hair and beauty sector contributing over £28billion to the British economy each year, Beauty Backed founder Caroline Hirons and Trustees passionately believe this is a valuable industry often ignored or overlooked.

About Good Wash Day

Good Wash Day are a female-founded small business based in the UK, founded by the lovely Karen. Good Wash Day was founded in Spring 2020, as Karen started to embrace her curls.

Early on, her research led her to swapping out the usual terry towels for a more hair-friendly option. She bought three, but they were too small, and couldn’t find any in bright, cheery colours. She wanted something a little more special: big enough, a range of colourful options, made in the UK, ethically sourced. Karen couldn’t find such an item so created one.

Where Your Money Goes

£5 of each purchase will be donated to Beauty Backed which will help fund The Grant Programme. The Beauty Backed Trust Grant Programme was created to help support individuals and businesses within the hair and beauty industry recover from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, providing a mixture of equipment, training support, stock and in some cases funds, depending on the business needs. The grants have been designed to give support and longer term business mentoring.

The Beauty Backed Trustees would like to thank Good Wash Days for collaborating on this project. Run don't walk - there's a limited amount!

Fabric Design by Eadiechops

Printing by British Fabric Printing

*The Good Wash Day x Beauty Backed production collaboration re-launched on Monday 11th September. The donation amount per towel was increased to £6 per towel



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