Educational Course Developer
May 5, 2022

Beauty Backed Trust are creating an educational course on ‘How To Run Your Beauty Business’ and we need your help to write the content. We would like the course creation to be completed by the end of September 2022.


The position

This is a project based position for the duration of the course creation.

A flat fee will be discussed upon application.

You will be the lead for creating the course content and driving the end-to-end product. You will be responsible for spearheading efforts across the curriculum and the program design. You must take responsibility for the structure, pace and rhythm of the course ensuring that it has a consistent tone of voice and remains focused on concise and actionable content throughout.

Beauty Backed Trust will support in making the course relevant to the Beauty Industry.


The Course

The course is being developed to help BeautyBusiness owners develop their learning in key areas such as marketing, accounting, social media and customer service to allow them to make better choices. The key outcomes are that learners have tangible skills in marketing, finance, social media and accounting that they can utilise and  apply to their businesses for success.

The course will be delivered via a suitable an online platform, for example, Thinkific or Kajabi. We would like the course to include a variety of different learning methods such as a downloadable workbook, quizzes, videos and audio presentations. There will be no formal assessment.

Our target audience is owners of beauty salons and salons – people that are already in business.


Modules to include

Introduction (will be written by Beauty Backed Trust)

You and Your Business

·     Identifying your strengths

·     Identifying your weaknesses

·     Understanding your core value

·     Mastering your Time


·     Creating ‘Your Brand’

·     Developing your tribe

·     Website

·     Social Branding - Facebook, Instagram

·     Communication Tools e.g Mailchimp

·     How to do your own PR

 Accounting & Finance

·     Understanding your business finances

·     Where do I price myself?

·     Keeping track of your finances

·     The importance of cash flow

·     Where to spend and where to save

·     Software to help

 Customer Service

·     How to keep your existing customers happy

·     How to find new clients

·     Dealing with complaints

 Future Proof Your Business

·     Keeping up to date with trends

·     How to stay competitive

·     How to survive the unthinkable

·     The Testing Mindset


If you are interested in this role, please email your CV to



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