Demand for body beauty treatments on the rise
January 4, 2024

There has been a 133% increase in back and booty treatments this year, according to Beauty Health.

Hydrafacial's owner said that the company's hand treatments are the most popular body services, making up 47% of consumer demand. This was followed by neck and décolleté (31%) and back and booty (22%). Back and booty treatments are most popular with those aged under 25, with Australia seeing the most demand for booty treatments – backside Hydrafacials account for 30% of all body treatments in the country.

Beauty Health revealed the findings in its inaugural Skintutition Report. A compilation of insights, trends and predictions based on clinical studies, data and performance from the company’s brands and its global network of professional skin health providers, the report reflects on the trends that shaped 2023 and those set to emerge in 2024.

2024 beauty and skincare trends

1. Medicalisation of beauty
Consumers seeking the biggest bang for their beauty dollar and efficacy above all will invest in proven treatments, backed by clinical studies.

2. Rise of the influencer
Consumers will increasingly turn to skin health professionals – MDs and estheticians – to help shape their beauty routines.

3. Flawless skin, the ultimate quiet luxury
Impeccable skin will become a subtle statement – or a very loud one for those in the know – signaling an investment of money, time and knowledge in treatments, tweakments and products.

4. Retro ingredients, new delivery methods
Providers are reaching for tried-and-true ingredients like peptides, finding novelty and efficacy in new formulas or with device-supported applications.

5. Personalisation powered by data
Data will play a starring role in how products and treatments will be enhanced and personalized to consumers’ needs.

Commenting on the report, Beauty Health’s chief marketing and communications officer, Amy Juaristi, said, “We are thrilled to unveil our first-ever Skintuition Report and share insights culled from our connected platform and global community of skin health providers.

“This year’s data reveals an appetite for retro ingredients with novel delivery methods and a growing interest in body – especially booty – skincare treatments.

“What’s more, consumers continue to show they are committed to investing to achieve flawless skin, often combining Hydrafacial with other aesthetic treatments – a trend we see as the ultimate quiet luxury power play.”

Original article written by Ellen Cummings for Professionbal Beauty and featured here



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