Beauty Backed x HoN Industry Icons
July 17, 2023

CharlotteTilbury, Mary Greenwell, Sam McKnight and Lisa Eldridge are just a few of the 17 famed beauty industry icons leading the charge for the latest campaign from the Beauty Backed Trust.

Monday 17th July 2023

In a first-of-its-kind campaign, the Beauty Backed Trust has partnered with 17 of the most significant names in beauty to create a limited-edition print adorning a tote bag, a t-shirt and collectable prints, all in aid of fundraising to support the hair and beauty industry.

In collaboration with House of Neon, this fundraising project is in support of the Beauty Backed Trust, a charitable entity established to support the hair and beauty industry. Despite their determination and resilience, beauty businesses are still facing increasing hurdles due to high energy, staff and supplier costs. Caroline Hirons, industry veteran and founder of theBeauty Backed Trust, says,

I have worked in and loved the beauty industry for more than 25 years, and I am honoured to work alongside so many amazing people.  I set up Beauty Backed to ensure the beauty professionals who run incredible businesses’ that contribute billions to the UK economy and enable 1000s of people to feel their best, continues to be a well-funded and supported service provider.”

The dynamic ensemble of industry icons who collectively are behind the most memorable beauty moments in history, were each asked to create a small design, which were then collated into one impactful and highly covetable image. Caroline has a track record of generating unparalleled buzz and excitement.  A previous Beauty Backed Trust collaboration with StriVectin, saw the campaign selling more than 1,200 units in just the first
24 -hours via her own site, and a further 1,200 units directly through StriVectin’s website. This latest collaboration with the industry’s most recognisable talent is sure to be just as much of a success.

Memorable pink plaits illustrated by Sam McKnight, frame a feast for all beauty lovers’’s eyes, inclusive of Charlotte Tilbury’s iconic magic star and Lisa Eldridge’s signature sketches. Danessa Myricks’ ‘dream big’ kiss and Trinny Woodall’s must-have stack,  sit alongside Jamie Genevieve’s recognisable nude lip and Dija Ayodele’s lashy illustration. With many other beauty- inspired accents from Lisa Potter- Dixon, Marian Newman, Hannah Martin, Caroline Hirons, Adam Reed, and many more, make this a collaboration not to be missed.


Danessa Myricks, comments on her love for the beauty industry:

“The magic of beauty is its ability to globally unite hearts and minds, and connect dreams that align with infinite possibilities.”


On board for the collaboration is House of Neon, a family-run business with neon running through their veins, offering bright, funky, neon accessories, gifts, clothing and home decor. The brand launched in August 2017 selling in many independent boutiques and stores, and in 2022 they opened their own store in Gravesend, Kent. 

The series of collectables will be retailed via the House of Neon website on Monday 17th July with profits going towards funding the Beauty Backed Trust Grant Programme.



T-shirts will retail at £31*

Totes will retail at £24.50*

Prints start from £7.50*

 Available here

 * Plus shipping


The Full Iconic Lineup

Adam Reed, Founder of Arkive Headcare/Arkive by Adam Reed Salon

Caroline Hirons, Skincare Expert, Author, and Founder of Beauty Backed Trust and Skin Rocks

Charlotte Mensah, Hair Artist and Brand Founder

Charlotte Tilbury MBE, Founder, President, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer for Charlotte Tilbury Beauty

Danessa Myricks, Makeup Artist and Founder of Danessa Myricks Beauty

Dija Ayodele, Skincare Expert, best-selling Author, Beauty Backed Trust Trustee and Founder of Black Skin Directory

Hannah Martin, Makeup Artist and best-selling Author

Jamie Genevieve, Makeup Artist and Founder of VIEVE

Katie Jane Hughes, Makeup Artist

Lisa Eldridge, Makeup Artist and Founder of Lisa Eldridge Beauty

Lisa Potter-Dixon, Makeup Artist and best-selling Author

Marian Newman, Nail Artist and Author

Mary Greenwell, Makeup Artist

Patrick Wilson, Hair Stylist

Ruby Hammer MBE, Makeup Artist and Founder of Ruby Hammer Cosmetics

Sam McKnight MBE, Founder of Hair by Sam McKnight

Trinny Woodall, Founder and CEO of Trinny London

Summing up our collective love for the beauty industry, Ruby Hammer says

“I joined the industry for the creativity and, the transformative power of beauty. I stayed for the passion and friendships forged. People from all walks of life, clicking together and connecting globally.”


About Beauty Backed Trust

The Beauty Backed Trust was established during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist the hair and beauty industry, with over £600,000 being raised to help those that needed support the most. 

Through the Grant Programme, the Beauty Backed Trust can offer financial assistance, and support with product, stock, equipment, and business mentoring to protect and elevate this powerhouse industry that we love.

 Beauty Backed Trust Team


Caroline Hirons, Skincare Expert, Author, and Founder of Beauty Backed Trust and Skin Rocks

Alexandra Forbes, Managing Director of Caroline Hirons Ltd and Skin Rocks

Dija Ayodele, Skincare Expert, best-selling Author and Founder of Black Skin Directory

Lesley Blair MBE, Chair and CEO of BABTAC and CIBTAC

Lisa Potter-Dixon, Makeup Artist


Management and Grant Programme Support

Amy McLean, Trust Manager

Katie Smith, Grant Programme Administrator


For more information, imagery, and quotes please contact Charlotte Brown and Alice Carter at SEEN Group  & or Jacob Beecham at Carver PR






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